Environmental Statement

M.A.S. Industries has always been an environmentally concerned company.


Our manufacturing practices are very Earth friendly.


We live here. We play here. We raise our kids here.


We want to stay here. We want to live healthy lives.


Over 99% of our inks are 99% VOC free.


All of our inks are recycled and reclaimed.


Our shop and printing towels are washed and reused, capturing solvents for reuse.


All waste inks and solvents are sent out for use as fuels.


Most all of our scrap substrates are recycled

and we are looking at ways to recycle the remaining few.

Additionally, scrap material is reused internally as set up stock

and used paper is used for notepads.


With regard to hazardous waste products we are rated as a

“Very Small Quantity Generator”

(producing less than 220 pounds per month).


Our “direct-to-screen” unit reduces film output by 99%.

This eliminates the possibility of silver contamination

to the earth’s water supply.


We have a waste reduction plan in place for glass, plastic containers,

metals, wood, toner cartridges, paper products, corrugate,

lamps and light bulbs.


Old computers and obsolete materials are donated to schools

or sent out for recycling.


M.A.S. Industries is here for the long haul.

That goal is our commitment to sustainability.

Small Company, Doing Big Things

We at M.A.S. go to great lengths to make sure our customers are satisfied. Our skilled staff members know what it takes to accommodate all of your needs. We try to stay flexible to meet your requests no matter how big or small. Our team has strong relationships with suppliers and customers. Have an idea? Lets put it to the test. We are willing to do R&D and produce samples for you.

We’ve Come a Long Way. Our Employees Got Us Here.

In 2018 M.A.S. Industries, Inc. celebrated our 30th anniversary. In that time our building has increased in size and our equipment has increased in capacity, but the one thing hasn’t changed is our employees work ethic. Our employees work days have changed a bit; from running manual presses and hand-cutting banners to digitally printing and having a computer optically guided cutting system cut a banner in seconds. Keeping up with technology is important for M.A.S. to help our employees insure that they can deliver the best service to the customer. With that, the best equipment on the market is nothing without the backing of a strong workforce. Our equipment is good, our people are better.


In 30 years a lot has changed, but our mission remains the same. You can be confident that you’re in excellent hands.