Artwork Specifications

For successful completion of your project please have your files created as follows:


Software Supported

  • Adobe Illustrator (through CC)                    • Photoshop (through CC)
  • Adobe InDesign (through CC)                      • Adobe Acrobat (through DC)

(Word, Power Point, and Excel are not acceptable art file formats)


  • Hi Resolution images are required. Rule of thumb is 2x the line screen. Minimum 130 ppi at 100% should cover most instances.
  • Include all linked images
  • File can be saved at ¼ or ½ scale if 100% is too large for CD or emailing.
  • Save Photoshop files in layers when possible (unflattened)
  • Check that the layout is proportionate to size quoted
  • If your software is compatible with ours, save file in program created.



  • Outline all fonts turning them into vector art or convert fonts to outlines
  • Include font with art file (Postscript, Truetype, or OpenType)
  • To make reverse type readable, avoid using type that is too small or delicate
  • When emailing or FTP: Save font into a folder, then compress/zip to create a self-extracting file (.sit, .sitx, .zip)
  • When sending font, it is important that you send both the screen and printer fonts


How to Transfer Files




  • Email as an attachment (if under 10MB) Send to your CSR, Sales contact or





Design Tips

  • Avoid small type
  • Allow .25” of bleed at 100% scale beyond the trim size if graphics bleed off
  • Keep graphics/copy away from finishing operations such as hems and grommets
  • List PMS# or target colors
  • Supply a printout of the final layout


Any additional art creation, requested art changes or manipulations

will be billed at our hourly rate.